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The creation of IOSFA, I think, is a fantastic idea. We run an international college in Melbourne CBD and most of our overseas students come form India. We are always asked for a society/ organisation in Melbourne for Indian overseas students. These students being new to the country are always looking for other social contacts and activities in or around Melbourne. Now, finally we can send all those students across to your fellowship.

Good Work!
N Moorthy
Melbourne International College

You guys at IOSFA rock!! What a start to my weekend on Saturday. Loved the BBQ and the friendly game of cricket afterwards (half p1ssed).
Keep it up. Saurav B.

Thanks to the gang at IOSFA who organised the BBQ over the weekend. Me and my friends had an absolute ball. Can't wait for the next one.
Cheers Ramesh T

I feel privileged to have landed in the country only 3 weeks ago and then having accidentally found your fellowship. Last weekend was fantastic - it really did give me a feeling of belonging. Now, I think im less home-sick. I will be referring all my friends to your fellowship.
Ankur S

It was great networking with other Indian overseas students over the weekend. Being new in the country this was fantastic. I think I walked away from the BBQ on saturday with 18 contact phone numbers. Great work! Looking forward to your next event.


I’m so grateful to finally have come across a fellowship for Indian students. Been looking for an association like this for the past 6 months. I’ve studied in UK and was actively involved in the Indian student associations there. Be happy to volunteer help if you guys need it. Go IOSFA!! Rachna N


Me and my 2 friends have only been in the country for 8 months now. We found that other Indian students (residents) here were not so friendly and have been desperately looking for some organization like this one. We were even contemplating starting one ourselfs. So, I guess you beat us to it – god bless you! I’m happy to give up my time (be a committee member) if there are any vacancies or else happy just being a member and looking forward to attending your social functions. Archna P


I can’t wait for the next function. Wish it was earlier than August – anyhow I’m counting down the days. Nisha R