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Blogistani Diary

Finally, I get to blog – been dying to do this. Blogging to me is like writing an online diary – remember the days when we used to write our diaries, detailing what happened to us on that particular day, or this is what I felt like today etc. etc.

Well, that’s what my blogs are going to be from now on. An inside look at me and my life for all out there. It’s a good form of release for me while I do my studies here in the land downunder, far far away from my hometown in Punjab.

This one is a short one – more soon (ish)

My room smells of lavender.

My closet is in a bit of a mess.

My closest relationships aren't faring too well either.

My shoe size is 6.

My hair is a little bit messed up.

My skin is oily.

My hair is dry.

My mind is always cluttered.

My bedside drawer is too.

My nails are purple.

My glasses are blue.

My moods swing.

My favorite pair of shoes doesn’t fit.

My lists always make sense.

My life sometimes doesn't.

Think this should give you an idea of the kind of person I am (maybe not). If not, maybe my blogs following this one will.

Posted: 18/09/2008 7:26:20 PM by Upasana Chadha | with 0 comments