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Bharti's Life in Melbourne

It's 14th July today and I’ve been in Melbourne for exactly 7 months now. From living in a crowded city in India to coming here to further my education - God, what a sea change! More of my experiences re: the past 7 months maybe another time. On to what I wanted to write about today.


I'm apartment hunting. Or I was apartment hunting until the weekend. I saw one - and I think I will take it. It will cost a little more than what I am paying now. And that will be exacerbated by the fact that my pay, in all probability will actually decrease! The restaurant that I work at is cutting hours of almost all employees – he said “the wife is going to start serving on quite nights, so I don’t need any waiting staff on Tuesday and Wednesday.” I guess I’ll have to figure out and find another job quick smart. Until then, some sort of existence will have to be eked out; wireless connections will have to be stolen; meals will have to be sacrificed. Even more so, if I want to live in my own place!

I've been looking at places all around the city. I still found the one I saw on saturday the best. I guess now I am going to take it – hopefully no-one else jumps in before me. The location is very nice - almost where I am right now. Walking distance to the university - safe too, I suppose. And I think the parking is inside locked gates. Not that it matters, when I don’t have a car.

I really want to get out of the place that I am "living" in right now. The room mate crashes downstairs (and never cleans the kitchen), the bed is crawling with bed-bugs, and the air conditioner/heater does not work in my room.

Life is quite good here, despite all that. I am playing tennis regularly. I took my driving test the other day. Need to start looking for a car – maybe in the trading post. Good for me, I guess.

Oh well. There are no more points to be made right now. Had some rajma for dinner. Lumpy, unlike mom's. Maybe next time I should grind the onions and tomatoes.


Until my next blog - take care friends.

Posted: 14/07/2008 9:30:23 AM by Kamal Kohli | with 0 comments