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Bharti's Life in Melbourne - Pt 2

About Me
Name: Bharti (an alias considering im a product of India)
Location: Melbourne, Australia 
I should’ve done this in my first post, but that gives you more of an insight into me (unorganised) – anyway, here it is….a bit about me. I am a mechanical engineer. That does not mean that I am in love with machines. Mechanical Engineers come in all shapes and sizes. I love heat and fluids. By the way, I am phenomenally arrogant. That makes me a rather repulsive person in general. Lots of people hold that against me and tell me that I ought to be certified and that some of my views are incendiary. You decide. The more personal details (like name and photos) have been removed, in view of death threats I am likely to get. Say whatever you may, I love my life. I don't want to die too early.
A monotonous description of every little detail of what is going on with my life, so that I can laugh at it later. May contain the odd technical post too, so that I can laugh at my shallow understanding of engineering later. Will contain no opinions whatsoever.
Driving in the OZ is a pleasure, especially if you have driven in India. You don't feel scared your car is going to "die" at traffic signals (thanks to the automatic transmissions), your left leg is free (should you want to dance about). There's two meters of space between two consecutive cars. And you can coast at speeds known only to truckers and airplanes in India.
It is a piece of cake to drive here. Everyone obeys rules here: Indicators are followed like the holy bible is followed here; speed limits are respected. Kilometers are covered faster than meters are covered in Chandni Chowk. Roads are wide, to say the least.
So, it is extremely ironic that I managed to fail my driving test here. Apparently, I merged into traffic too hastily, and should have allowed a car some 200 meters away to pass before me. The examiner (for that is what he is) said "That car was coming way too fast for you to turn. Come back next time". He must be paid by the volume of people whom he "examines", not by the hour.

I will have to disturb a friend early morning next week again. Woe is him, not just me.
Posted: 23/07/2008 1:04:11 PM by Bharti | with 0 comments